Teaching Kids to Love the Game of Golf

With obesity risks increasing and recess time decreasing, parents are anxious to get their kids outside and playing sports. Surprisingly, one of the best ways to do this is golf. If you love golf or are looking for a new way to bond with your children, consider picking up this sport.

Benefits of Golf for Children

While golf may not come to mind first as a form of exercise, the truth is that walking an 18-hole course ends up being around 3-4 miles on average. Swinging the golf club adds stability and strength to the game. You may not expect to get cardio-like results from the sport, but the game can become an effective support tool for encouraging a healthy lifestyle. Plus, the more time you and your child spend out on the green, the less time you’re spending indoors in a more sedentary environment.

Golf also confers other benefits that can really help young people get started in life. The game encourages focus on and consideration of multiple factors including weather, form, and managing distraction. It’s a great way for children to learn how to mingle and socialize with a variety of different age groups and personality types.

Golf even prepares your child for the future. Knowing golf naturally puts your child in circles with those who also enjoy the sport and encourages networking skills. High school students may find that golf helps gain admission to their college of choice with a program or scholarship.

Get Your Child Engaged

Even young children can start to learn the sport. He or she may relish the idea of holding a miniature club alongside his or her parents’ or grandparents’ engaging in a “grown up” activity. For younger and older children alike, make sure that fun is the first priority. Learning good sportsmanship and love of the game should come far before practicing technique and learning the basics of competition.

Start teaching children the principles of the game. Make sure they understand etiquette and the honor system. They should graciously take turns with other players and always admit fault instead of trying to pull a fast one on the other players. An outside instructor can help further cement these ideals. Your child’s school may offer a golf program. If not, you can always find a junior program in your local area. Friendly Hills Country Club offers a junior golf team where kids get the opportunity to practice with other kids their age and compete against other country clubs.

Before you invest in supplies make sure you’ve taken a few things into consideration. The weight and balance of a club is important for young players, so take the time to find a set of clubs that provides your child with the equipment he or she needs. Getting your child on a set schedule to practice regularly makes it easier for he or she to practice because it allows them to get on a routine. Early evenings are a great time for them to practice because the weather is usually much cooler and courses tend to be less crowded.

The right materials, such as clothing and equipment, will help children get into the role and move more freely when swinging. If you invest the time and money on your junior golfer now, you may just end up with a golfing buddy for life.

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A Brief History Into the Eighteen Hole Golf Course

Regulation golf courses always have eighteen holes. While this fact is widely known, the purpose of this design is unknown for many players of the game. Golf courses used to feature anywhere between five and twenty-five holes, but eventually the golfing community decided eighteen holes was the perfect number for the game. The following is a look at some of the golf courses of the past, as well as how these courses and the sport itself have changed over time.

  • leith links 18 hole golf courseLeith Links. In 1744, this course began with only five holes, though two more were added later.
  • Bruntsfield Links. In 1818, this five-hole course was expanded to six holes. To play eighteen holes, the course could simply be played three times.
  • Montrose Links. This course has undergone many changes. In 1810 it was a seven-hole course, but by 1825 it had doubled in size. In 1849 it was decreased by three holes to create an eleven-hole course, and in 1863 it was made into a twenty-five-hole course. Following the example of the Old Course at St. Andrews, golfers played for medals over 18 holes, and in 1888 the course was decreased in size to a defined 18 holes.
  • St. Andrews. The Old Course, as it is also known, was the first location of an eighteen-hole game in 1764. At that time, the course had twelve holes, the first four of which were combined to create two holes and decrease the total number to ten. A player would play the full ten and then play eight holes a second time to play a total of eighteen holes.

In 1836, a plan was drawn that showed two holes on the fifth green, shared by the fifth and thirteenth holes. In 1855, a double green was created on the seventh hole, and by 1857 a plan was made to create a double green on every hole. Thus, by 1857, the greens had all been enlarged and two holes were placed on all but the first and last. White flags were put in holes two through eight, and red flags in holes ten through eighteen.

Several prominent members of the Royal and Ancient Golf Club who played at the Old Course were also members of other clubs, and their influence and rewriting of the rules of golf is largely credited with the spread of the eighteen-hole course. Montrose became the second course to play medal rounds on eighteen holes.

In 1872, three courses were used in rotation for the annual British Open: Prestwick, St. Andrews, and Musselburgh. The Open was thirty-six holes, and the eighteen holes of St. Andrews were deemed the most appropriate for the round. Thus, in 1882, Prestwick expanded to eighteen holes, and in 1891 the Musselburgh championship was moved to the new Muirsfield, another eighteen-hole course. From that point on, the norm became eighteen holes. This standardized the game, and with time, professional courses were built with eighteen holes as their standard, including the course at Friendly Hills Country Club in Whittier, California.


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How to Choose the Right Golf Club Membership

Making a financial commitment to one golf club is a big deal for enthusiasts of the game. While the options are plentiful, finding the perfect club for your needs is important. Most golf club memberships offer a variety of services and it can be difficult to choose exactly which club is right for you. The following are several key details to look for when choosing your golf club membership.

  1. Quality of the course. The quality of the course not only includes the length of the course or the challenge of each hole, but also how well the course is maintained, the scenery around the course, and more. The variety of holes and courses is also an important factor. Friendly Hills Country Club offers a well maintained championship 18-hole regulation course.

    Others catering to less serious golfers may offer courses of differing lengths and difficulties. Golfers must consider their skill level and how much they expect to play and improve before picking a club that offers the right level of difficulty and variation of games.

  1. Types of memberships available. Clubs have a number of membership types, usually including family, individual, social, and corporate, among others. Out-of-state memberships are offered for golfers who have to travel to a specific area often for their jobs and who enjoy being able to golf while away from home. Choosing a membership involves deciding how many people will use the course on a regular basis and which amenities they would like access to.

    This varies from club to club. Friendly Hills Country Club offers a variety of memberships to select from. All memberships come with access to use the tennis courts, Olympic sized swimming pool, workout facility, casual/patio dining, formal dining and social events.

  1. Fees. For many golfers, this is one of the biggest factors in choosing a membership. Prices typically depend on the type of membership chosen, with full access to amenities usually being the most expensive. Another price consideration is the initial cost of joining and the minimum monthly dues.

    Some courses charge a high price to join the club but have less expensive monthly membership fees, while others will charge lower initial costs and higher monthly fees.

  1. Extra amenities. One reason many people pay for golf club memberships is for the amenities offered.

Many neighborhood golf clubs or country clubs also have pools, tennis courts, and a host of other sporting and recreation opportunities. Friendly Hills Country Club offers beautiful event spaces for parties, weddings, corporate dinners, and more.

If you are unsure of how to choose a golf club membership in the Los Angeles area, consider Friendly Hills Country Club in Whittier. We offer all of the typical country club amenities including a pool, tennis courts, and a full gym, as well as space for weddings and banquets. Contact us today for more information.

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Why You Should Host Your Next Business Banquet at a Golf Club

Planning a corporate event can be stressful and overwhelming. Although coordinating the necessary details is possible without help, it is a lot of work to put on one person. Getting advice from trained professionals who regularly plan large events can help alleviate pressure and lead to a more successful corporate gathering. In attempts to cut stress and create a higher quality event, many professionals host their business banquets at golf clubs.

Planning a Corporate Banquet

There are many aspects to planning a business banquet, and for those new to planning, the tasks are overwhelming. To successfully host an event, consider the following:

  • Choose the right date. Where many event planners fail is in one of the first steps: picking a date. Planning too far in advance can lead to conflicts between personal agendas and the proposed date. Take the schedules of the most important guests into consideration.
  • Figure out seating. Guests of honor should have the best seats, which may include a view. Having enough seating for all guests should also be a high priority in the planning stage. Decide whether the event should have assigned seating or if guests will choose their own tables.
  • Stay on budget. The right venue for a corporate banquet should be both high quality and affordable. Create a budget plan before choosing a venue to determine how much can be spent on the event.

Why a Golf Club?

Choosing a golf club to host an event is both professional and affordable. The perks of Friendly Hills Country Club when it comes to corporate event hosting include:

  • A variety of rooms. No matter the size of the party, Friendly Hill Country Club has the room to accommodate it. Intimate business lunches and large corporate banquets alike can be successfully hosted by the rooms Friendly Hill offers. Friendly Hills also has excellent interior design and architecture, giving any corporate banquet an air of class.
  • Exquisite views. Golf clubs like Friendly Hills Country Club have enormous windows offering beautiful views of the countryside. Beautifully maintained lawns, rolling hills, and lakes are just a few of the possible views a high-end golf club can offer. Guests will be impressed and pleased when presented with a seat overlooking a waterfall.
  • Excellent food service. Hosting an event with no help means finding a catering company. Friendly Hills Country Club will take care of the food for you. Friendly Hills has a high quality food service and the best chefs in the area. The club boasts a variety of food options, depending on the vision for the event. They can also easily accommodate any food allergies guests may have.

Planning a corporate banquet means worrying about location, seating, guest needs, catering, and an endless list of tasks. Luckily, there’s no need to do the work independently. Choose Friendly Hills Country Club for your next event, and you’ll have as relaxing of a time as your guests, enjoying the food, service, and view.

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Top 4 Reasons Why Our Members Love Friendly Hills Country Club

Country clubs are a traditional gathering place for those who enjoy playing, practicing, and watching golf. However, the perks of becoming a member of a full service country club are far more extensive than simply playing golf. In addition to improving your game, you will be part of a close-knit community of like-minded people. Here are just a few reasons why our members love being a part of the FHCC family:

1. Broaden Social Circles

Country clubs provide an excellent opportunity for men, women and families to mingle in a casual setting while enjoying common interests. With a membership, you can maintain relationships consistently and have a common meeting point for social gatherings.

Friendly Hills Country Club offers various social events every month:

Golf Events

  • Twilight golf is a fun, great event for all levels of golfers. Whether you are a beginner or advanced, Twilight golf is great way to play the game in a fun setting with family and friends.
  • Once a week the club hosts Men’s Night where a buffet of gourmet food is set up in the Men’s locker room where the members can eat, socialize, play cards all after a round of golf.
  • Once a month FHCC hosts a Men’s Smoker which allows members to invite guests and provides the perfect combination of competitive golf, socializing and a delicious three course meal waiting at the end of the round.

Food & Wine Events

  • Every few months FHCC hosts a wine tasting that sells out quickly.  Each wine is paired with an elegant dish that maximizes the flavor of the wine. The featured wine is also sold at a discount, which members love to take advantage of.

    Friendly Hills Country Club Wine Tasting Whittier

    Friendly Hills Country Club Wine Tasting

  • Formal dining is offered every Thursday and Friday evening.  Casual dining is offered every day of the week.  Members love to dine on the patio with the beautiful backdrop of the waterfall and lake.
  • Additional dining experiences are also offered, such as an annual clambake, a chili cook off, murder mystery dinners, summer BBQ’s on the patio and much more.

Family Events

Friendly Hills Country Club Family Camp Out on the Driving Range

Friendly Hills Country Club Family Camp Out on the Driving Range

This year, FHCC started its first annual family camp out where families get to pitch a tent on the driving range.  The kids are entertained all day by plays sports such as soccer, football, volleyball and games. A BBQ dinner is served at the range and a bar is set up until 11 pm. The kids have a blast at a 12” round campfire roasting marshmallows and singing along with a hired acoustic guitarist. The families are greeted in the morning to the smell of fresh coffee and pancakes.

Every summer FHCC offers a sports camp where children ages 5 yrs. to 14 yrs. get the opportunity to learn and play golf, tennis and swim. They are served lunch and snacks every day.  Staying active, building bonds with friends and eating kid friendly food, what more could child ask for?



Friendly Hills Country Club Easter Celebrate and Egg Hunt

Friendly Hills Country Club knows that spending time with family and friends is the most important part of a holiday. We take all the hard work and preparation out of the equation for you so you can relax and enjoy your company. We offer events all year long; New Year’s Eve with a live orchestra, Valentine’s Dinner Dance with live music, Easter Festivities, Mother’s Day Brunch, Father’s Day BBQ, Fourth of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving Buffet, Christmas events such as a holiday brunch, breakfast with Santa, holiday sing along dinner buffet.

Friendly Hills Country Club 4th of July Celebration

Friendly Hills Country Club 4th of July Celebration

2. Polish Your Golf Skills

With instant access to a golf course, many members say they see their game drastically improve after joining. Inevitably, you will begin seeing your abilities become more refined with each visit.

In addition to honing your skills, a membership to FHCC provides an opportunity for you to glean from the expertise and wisdom of other experienced players. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and form relationships with players you respect. Take advantage of the chance to ask about various techniques, forms, unfamiliar strategies, and more.

Friendly Hills Country Club hosts many golf events that help you take your game to the next level, such as Men’s Championship, Women’s Championship, Team Play against other country clubs, His and Hers Championship, Turkey Tournament, the Unicorn Tournament and even a Junior Club Championship. FHCC also frequently hosts demo days, where golfers can come and try out different golf clubs from brands such as Taylormade, Ping, Titleist, Golf Buddy, Callaway & Cleveland.

3. Family Oriented

Friendly Hills Country Club Swim & Dive Team

Friendly Hills Country Club Swim & Dive Team

At FHCC there are so many activities for children to get involved in.  Whether you are a parent looking for some extracurricular activities for your kids or you are a grandparent that helps gets involved with your grandchildren, Friendly Hills Country Club has a long list of sports and events that is sure to excite children of all ages. The overnight Camp Out, summer Sports Camp, family Twilight golf and holiday events were mentioned above.  Aside from the social events, there are many sports:

  • Friendly Hills Swim & Dive Team runs from May to the end of July. The Swim & Dive Team practice every evening Monday thru Friday and offer stroke clinics throughout the season.  Many team bonding parties are organized over the summer, such as Kick Off party, “Dive In” Party where the kids watch a movie while floating in the pool, Coaches Appreciation Party, Finals Party, various Poster Parties and Awards Ceremony.  Six meets are scheduled during the season and all team members are given the chance to compete is the Sunkist League Finals Championship.
  • During the summer FHCC also offers a Junior Golf team where the children practice twice a week and play against children in their age groups from different country clubs. Depending on the child’s age, they either play a 4 hole, 9 hole or 18 hole round. A team party takes place during the season and an awards ceremony is organized at the end of the season.
  • With a Tennis Pro on staff, learning the game of tennis is always an option if your child is interested. The tennis courts are available all week long for unlimited amounts of practice and lessons are available for scheduling upon request.

4. Enjoy Better Health

Our members rave about how their membership to FHCC is an excellent way to reduce stress and improve their health. Not only is golf a form of exercise, but they have full access to our gym that contains a variety of cardio machines, weight lifting machines, cable weights, free weights and more. They also have (4) tennis courts at their fingertips with a tennis pro on staff to provide lessons. A women’s tennis team gets together twice a week for tournaments and they organize many tennis related social events. Spending time connecting with family and friends is one of the biggest stress relievers of all. With an active lifestyle and fun social events to share with your loved ones, the wellness benefits are endless.

There are so many perks to becoming a member at FHCC.  Our members thoroughly enjoy all the social event, the beautiful golf course and the ability to play so often, sharpening their golf skills, all the family activities to get involved in and the healthy lifestyle that the membership bring. If you are interested in learning more information about Friendly Hills Country Club please contact us (562) 698-0331 for more information!

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What Golf Can Teach You About Life

For many, golf is more than a sport or a pastime; it’s practice for life, a place to learn lessons useful in all aspects of business, relationships, and navigating the adult world. There is a reason many successful people play golf – it teaches a number of important life lessons. Some of these include:

  • Patience: Golf is often derided by non-fans as a slow, boring sport. However, this pacing means golfers learn to be patient on the course, which later feeds into all aspects of life. The golfer must not only think about and visualize every shot, but allow their competitors or companions time to do the same.
  • Problem Solving: A golfer must visualize his shot and account for every factor that might influence that shot. Wind speed and direction, topography, landscape features, humidity, precipitation; these all have an effect on the path of a golf ball.

When the hole is on the other side of a stand of trees or the ball falls into a sand trap, the player must calculate the best course of action. There are an infinite number of ways the ball can be hit, but only a few will have the best results. By learning to solve problems encountered on the course, a golfer becomes better at solving problems in all aspects of life.

  • Learning to Adapt: Once the ball is hit, a golfer can’t change its trajectory or influence where it will land. It is required to move forward and make the best of the situation. In golf, as in life, anger and frustration occur, but getting back in the game is most important. A bad shot can’t be changed, but what can be changed is how the player moves forward after a poor swing. Learn from mistakes, and use them in a positive way.
  • Staying Calm: The potential frustrations in golf are endless. Whether from a poorly hit ball or an unexpected gust of wind, a golfer faces obstacles throughout the course of his game. Learning to handle those calmly, to see the affects and what is needed overcome them, is important not only for golf but for life as well.
  • Practice: As in every sport, the path to improvement is through consistent practice. Golfers must continually look for flaws in their game and practice repeatedly until those flaws are corrected. Persistence and continual practice are lessons that translate well from golf to life.
  • Integrity: Most people who follow golf are aware of the story of Bobby Jones’ integrity. He was tied with another golfer, and as he was setting up to swing, his club tapped the ball. No one but Bobby saw the ball move, and all of the officials as well as his opponent told him so. But Bobby Jones, knowing that he had caused the ball to move, called the obligatory one stroke penalty on himself.

Golf remains a sport in which honor and integrity can make a difference in the outcome of the game, and fair play and good sportsmanship are valued highly. Having integrity in all of life will not only set you apart from most, but leads to respect and success.

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Use Confidence to Enhance Your Golf Skills

In the words of Howie Day in his song Collide, “Even the best fall down sometimes, even the wrong words seem to rhyme.”  This saying applies to the game of golf quite well. The best get frustrated at times and feel like giving in to their negative feelings, yet they don’t. This is what makes them the best. It is important to remember this and not let your confidence waver on the course.

Confidence is just as important as proper swing and having the right golf clubs. It is what makes or breaks you on the course and defines you as a golfer. Golf professionals have gotten to where they are because they have confidence. Over time, they have learned to shut out negativity and only focus on the positive. They are able to learn from their mistakes and control frustrations, and as a result, they come out on top.

What are some ways to build confidence that will enhance your golf skills in the process? Here are a couple of tips:

Let Go of Bad Shots: Don’t stress out over poor shots. This will only lead to frustration and a destruction of confidence. Let go of the past, even if that was five minutes ago, and focus on the future. A small trick is focusing on something else after a bad shot. Look at the sky or the scenery; anything that will distract you from the current situation.

Visualize Your Shot: Visualization is important and often leads to success. By focusing on where you want the ball to go, your aim won’t be far behind. Imagine a successful result and set your mind it. Confidence will build as you visualize positive results and begin to achieve them.

Focus on Your Strengths: As with anything, it is better to focus on strengths rather than weaknesses. Concentrate on what you did well rather than where you failed. By continuing to think about how you did poorly, you will continue to do poorly. Focus on what you did well, grow confident, and your golf score will begin to improve.

Be Your Own Competitor: Compete against yourself and not against other golfers. If you compare yourself to others, you are missing the bigger picture! Look at improvements in your own game and how far you have come. Compare your golf score at this time last year to now, two years ago until now, even from last week until now! Confidence will come from realizing and acknowledging this progress.

Don’t forget to control your nerves, take deep, breaths, and avoid rushing into shots. Keep in mind that the game of golf is supposed to be fun and that no one was born a perfect golfer. Other sports capitalize on natural ability, but golf is a game of skill, dedication, and patience. The best started at the bottom, just like you, and gradually grew to become successful golfers. If you keep working on your confidence, success will follow.

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10 Easy Tips for Proper Banquet Etiquette

Since many of us don’t attend elegant banquets frequently, the thought of behaving properly in such a situation can be intimidating. However, with a bit of planning, you can become thoroughly prepared to meet the expectations of any formal banquet in Los Angeles. If you are preparing to attend a sophisticated affair, remember the following tips to avoid making a faux pas.

Your Physical Presentation

Although you may primarily be focused on deciding what to wear to a formal event, it is also important to consider how you will handle yourself once you arrive at the banquet. For instance, remember the following rules:

  • Elbows off the table during dinner. During the meal, it is absolutely true that your elbows should stay off the table, but once your plate has been cleared, it is permissible to rest them there.
  • Resist the urge to fidget. Even if you have to wait a while for the food to come, control the urge to drum your fingers on the table or to jiggle your knee.
  • Be mindful of your posture. Don’t worry about staying ramrod straight for the whole evening, but avoid slouching or leaning back in your chair.

Time to Eat!

Once the meal is served, the following rules will help you politely enjoy your dinner:

  • Cut your food slowly. Cut off only one or two bites of food at a time – unless you are helping a child.
  • Have a plan for dealing with unfamiliar food. If you encounter a dish that you don’t recognize, there are two options. You can either observe how other guests eat the dish or you can ask the waiter how it should be eaten.
  • Avoid using your fingers. Although some dishes should be eaten with your fingers, most should be consumed using utensils. Use a knife to control difficult food rather than using your hands.

Interacting With Other Guests

Even if you are a social butterfly, it’s smart to have a strategic plan for dealing with other guests.

  • Use your manners. Being polite may seem like an obvious requirement at a formal engagement, but some practices are often neglected. Say “please,” “thank you,” and “excuse me,” for instance, and cough or sneeze into a napkin.
  • Introduce people to one another. If you realize that someone at the table doesn’t know anyone, take the time to introduce him or her to your acquaintances. This will make the evening more pleasant and comfortable for everyone.
  • Engage in small talk. In most circumstances, you should keep up the conversation without turning to polarizing topics, such as religion or politics. If small talk is a challenge for you, think about a few topics that could be pulled out if the conversation lags.
  • Don’t use your phone. Your focus should be on the people you are dining with – not those that can be reached through your phone. Leave your phone off and enjoy the company of the people in your presence.

By following these guidelines, you will avoid many common mistakes guests sometimes make at banquets. Even if you’re worried about maintaining proper manners, don’t forget to relax and have fun!

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How to Plan a Corporate Golf Event


If you are looking into holding a corporate event for your company, you have likely stumbled across the idea of a golf outing. Corporate golf events are one of the most popular choices for companies looking to connect with their employees, clients, and board members, and rightly so. A golf event allows you to raise money, network with different people, and entertain and reward groups of people all at the same time.

Where Do I Start?

Much like hosting a charity golf tournament, a great deal of time, effort, and planning goes into holding a corporate golf event. You will want to start by developing a team of people you believe can effectively help you plan and prepare for all areas of the event. If possible, you want to develop a well-rounded group of people with different talents and abilities. Specific roles and duties should be assigned, with the understanding that things will change as the process moves along.

As a group, your first task will be to develop a clear understanding of the events mission, purpose, and goals. This doesn’t have to be as time consuming and painstaking as developing a corporate mission statement, but it should get everyone on the same page and make sure the end goal is clearly understood.

Choosing a Course Partner

Ideally you will already have a list of golf courses in mind before starting the process, but now is the ideal time to nail down a venue for your corporate golf event. Be careful about what course you choose, because golfers often associate particular things with different courses. You want to choose a course that will work in your financial budget and also provide a quality experience. Be sure to put everything in writing when developing a contract with your course partner. Remember to include things like dates and tee times, number of spots available, total breakdown of costs, penalties, weather restrictions, etc.

Pick a Tournament Format

Once you have the logistics squared away, you will want to choose the type of tournament format your golf event will be following. The most popular is the “scramble” format.

The scramble is ideal for corporate events because it allows groups of four to all hit and then choose one ball location to hit from on the next shot. This format is great for networking because it keeps the entire group close together for the entire golf outing. The group then enters their score against the scores of the other foursomes from the day. Winners are usually rewarded with some sort of cash or donation prize.

The Prizes

The awards and prizes are your chance to market your corporate brand or company products. Reach out to the community and get donations to help fund these prizes. Popular awards for corporate golf events include longest drive, closest to the pin, and lowest score.

A tremendous amount of detail goes into planning a corporate golf event, and following these simple steps can help get you started. If you have built a good team of people around you, you will be more likely to remember all the details and host an event that everyone will remember for years to come!

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Improve Your Driving Distance With These Great Tips

Whether you are an expert golfer or simply an amateur enthusiast, improving your driving skills is a continual art. Even if you’ve been golfing for years, sometimes the most basic tips can make a big difference in your driving distance. If you’re trying to improve your driving distance, think about these tips next time you visit the golf course at your country club.

1. Focus on Ball Contact

How your club connects with the ball is one of the most important factors in your driving distance. Don’t squander your great stance and perfect swing by hitting the ball with a closed clubface trying to get more roll! Open and closed clubfaces won’t consistently achieve longer distances. Instead, practice hitting the ball with a square clubface in order to lengthen your driving distance and improve your consistency.

2. Make a Triangle

Before you even begin hitting balls, you can work on correcting your stance for driving. Jim McLean recommends thinking about a triangle when you set up your stance. That triangle is formed by your arms in connection with your chest. As you take a swing, your goal should be to preserve that triangle for as long as possible. The idea is that imagining a tangible shape like a triangle allows you to develop a more repeatable swing.

3. Streamline Your Swing Path

Your swing path has a huge impact on your driving distance. If you swing from outside-to-in, you’ll lose distance because you’ll create a sidespin when you make contact with the ball. Instead, work on coming from the inside as you swing in order to produce a top-spin. With a top-spin, the ball will roll for as much as an extra 30 yards after it hits the ground.

4.  Faster ball speed

Ball speed is crucial if you want to gain a longer driving distance, and faster ball speed is the most important factor to achieve this. Try to increase your speed through the ball, accelerating your club head through contact increases compression to the ball, forcing the ball to travel farther. However, don’t expect to increase your driving distance by simply swinging as fast as possible. The speed of your swing is also influenced by how you turn, the path of your swing, and how your club strikes the ball.

5. Improve Your Backswing

A wider, bigger backswing is another important component for achieving a greater driving distance. Take time to stretch and work on your flexibility before you work on your driving distance, because you need to be able to reach the full height of your backswing. Strengthening your core can also improve your backswing because it allows you to twist,  turn and rotate down more efficiently. When you’re ready to practice your backswing, focus on twisting your torso in order to allow your arms to freely extend into your backswing.

Throughout your time on the golf course, make sure to keep your body relaxed. If you tense up, you won’t be able to achieve the flexibility and strength that is necessary for improving your driving distance. If you’re still having problems with achieving a longer drive after practicing these tips, you might consider getting private lessons from one of the golf experts at your country club.

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